Let’s Work Together!

Speaking & Workshop Facilitation

I offer speaking, workshop facilitation, and consulting services on the following topics:

  • Academic, Departmental/Unit, and Institutional Survey Instruments
    • Survey design and deployment
    • Survey analysis
    • Designing user-friendly reports using survey data
    • Utilizing survey data for continuous improvement – how to take the data you’ve collected and analyzed and use it to inform meaningful change
  • Qualtrics
    • Basic and advanced survey design
    • Report creation
  • Flipping the Classroom
    • Quickly design accessible “flip the classroom content” content using your webcam or camera phone combined with simple low-cost or free software – no special video equipment needed


Rysavy & Michalak Consulting

Russell Michalak and I offer speaking, training, and consulting services related to the following topics:

  • Information Literacy (IL)
    • Assessing student, faculty, and staff information literacy skills
    • Comparing students/faculty/staff perceptions of IL skills vs. actual test-assessed skills
    • Designing library instruction to meet the needs of your population(s) based on IL data
  • Library Satisfaction Surveys
    • Designing and deploying
    • Project-planning for longitudinal studies
  • Onboarding
    • Designing and developing hybrid and online onboarding for academic library staff and student workers
    • Utilizing onboarding data for staff performance improvement and to aid in employee retentition

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